Personalized Candy Bars, Candy Bar Wrappers, Favors and All Occasion Gifts

Buying somebody sweets is a thoughtful gesture whether it is done on the spur of the moment, or well in advance as a gift for a special occasion. Everybody loves to receive sweets, and has their favourite kind, be it soft, hard, chewy or crunchy. When planning which sweets to choose, it is even possible to personalize your gift. personalised rock sweets can be ordered, where the name, message or logo of your choice runs through the middle of the sweets like the name of a seaside town running through a stick of rock a unique and very personal touch.

Extra information about personalised rock sweets

Different types of sweets

Whilst some people like a hard sweet to suck, such as rock or boiled sweets, some prefer a chewy or crunchy texture to their sweet of choice, or a fusion of flavours. Hard sweets could include traditional sweets such as barley sugar, pear drops, humbugs, sherbet lemons, chocolate limes, rhubarb and custards, and retro sweets such as kola kubes, lollies or love hearts.

Chewy sweets could include toffees, nougat, fizzy cola bottles, black jacks and fruit salads. Softer sweets include marshmallows, shrimps, flying saucers, jelly beans, or more novel types such as popping candy, sachets of space dust, sherbet fountains, bubblegum, or fudge in different flavours such as strawberry or vanilla.

Where to buy retro and novelty sweets

Traditional and retro sweets can be bought online. Some websites allow you to select the exact sweets required and they can be packaged and sent to the intended recipient in a gift box or hamper with a personalized message. They can be sent in vintage style jars, in personalized jars, in tins or in packets. Traditional sweets such as liquorice allsorts, jelly babies and wine gums can be bought from shops and supermarkets in small packets or in gift boxes. Also in shops, children's favourites such as rainbow drops, refreshers, white chocolate mice and jazzies, Parma violets, dip dabs, fizzers, chewits, haribo and many others can be bought off the shelves.

Special requests

There are shops that specialize in toffees and those that specialize in chocolate. It is possible to order sweets that are sugar free, gelatine free and gluten free. Sweets can be found that pertain to a theme, such as a certain colour scheme for a party or wedding, or sweets from an era, such as the 1940s to the noughties a great way to evoke a feeling of nostalgia on a birthday and make someone feel truly special.

Whether it is a soft mint, mint imperial, cheap or expensive chocolate or toffee, personalised rock sweet, or a selection of retro sweets, any occasion can be celebrated (or made better) with a carefully chosen sweet. And as well as a nice thought, gesture or gift, sweets could be used to personalize a party bag, to brighten up a buffet table, as a wedding favour on the guest's table, or even for marketing, advertising or spreading a message. There is a sweet to suit everybody and every occasion.